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Additionally, upon informing the au pair she would have to find another host family - she decided she would steal anything and everything from our home - the cell phone we provided, cash from my wallet, linens, sheets, towels, toiletries, clothing, gift cards, a full bag of groceries and more. The LCC, Courtney Mollica, did not ask any questions, she defended the au pair the entire time. We have filed a police report and intend to press charges.

Update by user Feb 28, 2018

I had numerous discussions with the au pair - providing feedback about the importance of getting children up and ready and ON TIME for the AM school bus. She would often respond by saying "they are your children".

This is an au pair who worked maybe 20-25 hours a week. We took her to Florida twice and to Disney once in less than 10 weeks. She was unresponsive to any feedback. Calling her LCC, Courtney Mollica, was unsuccessful - she lectured me that I needed to be more optimistic - but Courtney was unable to come to the house and meet with myself and the au pair because her social life was her priority - she suggested I wait 5 days to deal with any issues because she was unavailable.

Upon my telling the au pair she would have to perform her job duties or find another host family - she began to act out and began to abuse my children. She would wake them up in the morning by snapping their eyelids, cracking their toes or pulling their ears. My youngest, who is 7 years old was terrified of this au pair.

There are many more stories I could share. What a nightmare of an experience.

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They selected the laziest au pair on the planet. She refused to work.

When she wasn't "taking care of children" - all she did was eat and sleep. She was incapable of getting the children dressed and ready in time for the bus in the morning - which led me to driving them - 3 kids - 3 different schools. Such a nightmare!!! Staff and executives were so unhelpful.

Courtney Mollica, LCC was particularly nasty and insensitive. She herself is not interested in performing her own job duties. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

Disaster. If you bring in one of their au pairs, you will be bringing on another child to care for and a company who takes your money - but refuses to help in any way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cultural Care Au Pair Nanny.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Cultural Care Au Pair Pros: Concept.

Cultural Care Au Pair Cons: Adversarial relation with families, Horrible customer service.

Location: 1 Education St, Cambridge, MA 02141, USA

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Update: the local police department have cleared the au pair from ANY wrongdoing. They found NO basis for Joni Westawski’s claims that her children were abused or that the au pair acted illegally or inappropriately. Joni Westawski was also ordered by police to stop harrassing and cyber bullying the au pair and LCC after it was found that she hacked her children’s social media accounts to defame and slander the au pair and LCC.


Courtney Mollica and Lisa M'Bong Biyaha you are absolutely ridiculous. You and your organization are a bunch of worthless BOLD FACED LIARS.

Your only objective is to lie and deceive the public all in the name of self preservation and $$$. Girl - you have NO IDEA what went on with that LAZY au pair who WAS ABUSIVE to the children. You are a SICK person to spew your insanity. If you and your organization were so fabulous why are there 100 complaints about you on this site alone!!!

???Oh and about the "cyber bullying" - yes - you really are quite delusional and just plain defamatory. If you continue to write false statements swift legal action will come your way...speaking of cyber bullying....thanks for putting it all in writing.


Joni Westauski the host mother who wrote this message emotionally abused and physically attacked her au pair on February 23rd 2018. The au pair had to call 911 and three armed officers had to help the AP out of the house as Joni Westauski was so out of control.

She was hit, pushed and scratched up by Ms. Westauski. The AP left with a plastic bag of a few clothes and a cardboard box of shampoo. There were no stolen groceries, money, or personal items (as noted in police report since Joni Westauski made the officers standby by as Joni reviewed each item leaving the house.) She was also verbally abusive to Courtney Mollica, the LCC assigned to the Westauski family.

The police on scene noted that Ms. Westauski was a very difficult person.

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