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Financial, emotional, physical drain are among the unfathomable, shocking experiences we had with this Group of People who, at the heart of it all, places total strangers, who's character, background, and intentions are the last thing the Reps focus on, under the roofs of trusting, exhausted, devoted and vulnerable Families. To consider affording this Agency, instead, just send a bunch of airline tickets to young, strangers, don't bother asking them anything about themselves, for you'd then know the same amount - truthful amount as we did, and bring them to live under your roof, in the most private, intimate and sacred part of your world and pray.

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i wanna talk to you sathish17110


if anyone is willing to sue cultural care au pair class action law suite pls contact me. thanks


Did you get your deposit back?

Klimmen, Limburg, Netherlands #217066

So sorry for your experience. Thanks for posting it, though.

This is very helpful in making my childcare decisions. I am definitely staying away from these bastards.


So true, and I can't believe we had 3 au-pairs in 3 months...we signed up for flexible hours 45 hours a week. Well all there au-pair said that they wanted to work the hours they wanted too and they didn't care that I signed up because I was working and my husband in school.

We went out of our way to make this girls felt confortable. One lied so badly..and was totally immoral in our home, and minimil care to our 3 differne occasion she failed to record and give milk to our 6 months old for 13 hours!!!!!

AThe second one, I saw her mistreating my children..and she told she taught it was ok to "shake" my toddler because she was old enough, mind you she is 1 1/5 years old..the last one ..just sat on the couch all day..talking on the phoen for hours..doing nothing..and then complained about us..that it was too much..she did not do anything..her only job for the week was to paly with the children...a nightmare..and at the end...two of my children lost so much weight..and from well adjusted children..they become needy crying..and when all this the end ...they re-placed right away the au-pairs..and they mark on the interview forms that we should not be recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave higher salary eveyr week..provided my own personal car to two the au-pair ..both of them hit my cars...when I had a chat with the au-pair they are promised one thing..and culturalcare promise the parent another thing..when I brought my children health and behavior change they told should get professional's your family not our company or the au-pair...a shame....stay away..the majority of the girls wants to just hang out..and want ot leave in big city they know they can go into trnasition, they get paid , hosted again..and they can just move quickly...who cares about the children..

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